Old Stavanger is a settlement of 173 wood houses. They are from the turn of the 18th century and almost all of them are small and painted white. Actually we were not going to see the town at all, on our trip to Stavanger. We were only in Stavanger to sleep at the Park Inn and then go hiking in the surrounding nature, but because the Lysefjord tour boat, had sold their tickets twice, leaving us waiting for an extra boat, we ended up in the Old Stavanger neighborhood – also called Straen. It is not a must see, but if you are close by it is a cozy area, with small wood houses lying very close to each other. You can walk the narrow and sometimes very steep streets, covered with cobble stones, and between the houses you can get a glimpse of the harbor. Unless you are deeply in love with small white cottages placed in a city, you are not going to kill a lot of time here – the fact that most town houses in Norway is made of wood, makes this area a little less interesting.

cobble stones in old Stavanger
grouped wood houses
View to Stavanger harbor
Wood houses old Stavanger
Very old and grunge door