In Stresa which is an italian city on the border of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, we incidentally came across the city’s cemetery, called “cimiteri di stresa”. Here most of the dead are buried in so called columbarium or burial walls, where urns a placed in small compartments in a vertical wall. I have not been able to track how, why or when this tradition started, but a guess could be because of the rocky ground in the mountains, and there by lack of proper soil to bury the dead in.

In Denmark, where christianity is the most common religion, we do not have tradition for spending much time at our dead relatives graves, as it seems to be in other religions. In Italy where catholicism is a prominent religion, people seem more dedicated to honor and remember their dead relatives, which makes the cemetery a more colorful and lively place to visit – at least for me.

If you are in the area it is definitely worth a visit, but do not go far for this “attraction” as it is small and I am sure you can find a similar closer to where you might be.

beautiful-framed-buriel-wall beautiful-framed-buriel-wall


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