9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Museum is part of the Memorial and all of it is beneath the ground and around, what used to be the bases of the two Twin Towers. If you go remember to set aside a lot of time, as you can easily spend hours and hours on little details. As you enters the first floor below ground and look down to the lowest floor in a large connected room, it does not seem like much, but as you approaches the inside perimeters of - what used to be the Twin Towers, and now is the bottom of the two basins you see on the ground - you will be presented for more and more details. One of the detailed exhibition areas is a tribute and honoring of the World Trade Center and the people that died on the tragic day, and the other is kind of a timeline exhibition where photos, videos and voice recordings leaves no doubt about how terrifying it must have felt for everybody.

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Folgefonna Glacier

Folgefonna Glacier in Norway is one of the most incredible wonders of nature. It is quite a long hike to the top, which includes mountain climbing and rapelling, why it took us about two hours just to get there. But it was absolutely worth the efforts, as I got a lot of fantastic photos.