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10 tips to the cycle race newbie is written after my first trip to the Tour de France with my family in the summer of 2015. Of course we made a lot of mistakes, which is what we learn from, but if I by writing our mistakes, can help some to a better experience then my mistakes serves a purpose.A newbie at the Tour de France

You are getting very close to the riders

1 Decide for your self if you are ready to invest hours of waiting in seeing the riders for a few minutes. If you are, then proceed to the next advices.

2 Park your car strategically, so you have an easy getaway after the stage is finished. If you park your car at the top of a mountain, with only one road going up and down, you will for sure have to arm your self with patience – it can take a loooong time to get down.

 3 Remember sun tan cream, water, food, something shading, like a hat, cap or umbrella, a small chair or blanket is not that stupid and maybe a radio so you can follow what is going on in the race. Umbrella and rain coat if it rains 

 4 Corners seems much more attractive than straight roads. If you place your self in the outmost side, you can see the riders comming at you, where you on straight roads always have a lot of fellow spectators on your sides, and everybody is leaning more and more out, blocking your view. 

 5 Bring a map with the stage route on – believe me, when you are on your way on the mountain roads, it can be hard to remember the exact roads the race is using.

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6 Decide if you are gonna take photos or not. If you do take photos you have memories from your trip, but the experience as the riders passes is short and you end with a feeling that you did not see anything. 

7 Decide if you want to see flat stages or mountain stages. The flat stages may be easier to reach but the peloton passes so fast you barely see the riders. The mountain stages is a bit more difficult to reach, but the show is longer as the riders go slower, and the peloton often is parted in many groups. 

 8 Take a good look at the route map and see if there is more stage routes lying close to each other, so you can stay at the same place for several days, giving you the opportunity to relax and explore the area – unless off course you like to see the landscape from your car, then driving to a new place every day may be just you. 

 9 If you are used to plan your trip from day to day via the internet, for instance on booking.com or hotels.com, be aware that the internet connection in the mountains can be very poor. 

 10 Not all in your travel party have to be interested in watching the cycle race, just remember to set aside time to explore the local sites and folklore. Doing that will bring you to interesting places you would never think of going, to the delight of every body.

You will see new interesting places


A story of my first visit at the Tour de France http://photoandtravels.com/a-newbie-at-the-tour-de-france/