Toce falls in Italy in the Formazza Valley is not that well known, but it is worth a visit, as you can enjoy the breathtaking view without having to stand shoulder to shoulder with the next tourist. You can get really close to the fall, and on the top there is af wood bridge hanging high above the falls, which really can make your heart beat faster. It is less than a two hours drive from the west side of Lago Maggiore, in the northern Italy, and it is free.

Overviewing the Formazza Valley

Overviewing the Formazza Valley Toce Falls – or Cascata del Toce, in italian – is very near the suisse border but you can only reach the fall by road from the italian side. If you happen to stay around Lago Maggiore it is suitable for a day trip, and do not forget to visit Lago di Morasco, which is just a little further ahead from the Parking lot at the falls. You can park your car on a parking lot at the top of the falls, and from here there is only a few meters to the spectacular viewpoint, a wooden platform from which you have a spectacular view over the valley. The platform is only supported in one end which makes it hanging 146 meters above the ground, making it a thrilling experience to enter – if you dare!

The platform 146 meters above ground

The platform 146 meters above ground On both sides of the fall there is pathways all the way to the bottom. The pathways are very natural and you have to put in a little effort to follow them. On your way down you can enjoy from different as there is clear view most of the time, to the bottom where the water is streaming by in a rough stone setting.

On our way down the pathway
Water streaming in rock formation

On our way down the pathway Water streaming in rock formation Down at the bottom you can follow the pathway through the valley and get a good distance to see the fall and all the mountain wall that surrounds the valley. If you have kids they will love to climb the giant rocks lying randomly on the ground.

The falls seen from the pathway
Toce Falls seen from the bottom of the valley

Toce Falls seen from the bottom of the valley The falls seen from the pathway Back on the top you can choose to get a refreshment at the bar close by, or continue hiking further op the mountain to higher grounds and for instance the Lago di Morasco. It is also possible to drive up to the lake, and then you can use the time and effort on talking a walk all the way around the lake. The Toce Falls is really recommendable both for hikers and family’s. We were there with two kids and they had a great time on the platform above the fall, and climbing the rock at the bottom of the valley.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT TOCE FALLS The falls are some kind of artificial, as the water most of the year is used for making power, and only is led to the fall at certain time of years.

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