Stångehuvud nature reserve is a little gem hidden at the out most of Stångenäset in Lysekil Municipal on the west coast of Sweden. The red granite rock formation is characterized by its extremely smooth and rounded shapes, which is a result of the icecap melting 920 million years ago. It almost looks like a man-made surface of a soft material, you won’t hit you on.

It is not a big area, you can almost overlook it all because of the lack of vegetation, but the rocks are sculptured in a way, that gives you an uportunity to explore them in many different ways. You can walk on a “mountain ridge”, you can climb up in a “canyon”, you can stand on the edge of a mountain lake, you can enjoy the small boats between the or you can eat your lunch with the sea gulls – which is not entirely pleasant. In short it is an excellent playground if you visit the reserve with children.

So if you plan to visit Stångehuvuds nature reserve, do your self a favour and arrange enough time, as time flies bye.

Skærgården, as the rock formation, which surrounds Sweden on all sides is called, is in general a beautiful and exciting landscape you need to explore, if you are in the area. A detour on your way to Stångehuvuds nature reserve will withou doubt reveal both beautifull and picturesque landscape experiences.

Walking a mountain ridge
Climbing a canyon
Standing on the edge of a mountain lake

The official Stångehuvud interne site