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9/11 Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Museum is part of the Memorial and all of it is beneath the ground and around, what used to be the bases of the two Twin Towers. If you go remember to set aside a lot of time, as you can easily spend hours and hours on little details. As you enters the first floor below ground and look down to the lowest floor in a large connected room, it does not seem like much, but as you approaches the inside perimeters of - what used to be the Twin Towers, and now is the bottom of the two basins you see on the ground - you will be presented for more and more details. One of the detailed exhibition areas is a tribute and honoring of the World Trade Center and the people that died on the tragic day, and the other is kind of a timeline exhibition where photos, videos and voice recordings leaves no doubt about how terrifying it must have felt for everybody.

9 11 museum two original steel columns

Two original steel columns


9 11 museum twisted steel column

A steel column twisted by the heat

9 11 museum entrance hall

A  steel column from the towers, that was turned in to a memorial for the police- and firedepartment that helped on the day


9 11 museum retaining wall

A retaining wall shielding from the water in Hudson river


9 11 museum blue art wall

The different kind of sky blue that people remembered from the day


9 11 museum base of a basin

The perimeter of a tower and now the base of a basin 

9 11 museum very base of the facade columns

The actual base of the enormous steel columns, cut off at the root  

9 11 museum burned roof antenna

Part of the antenna that stood on the top of one of the towers


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The Guggenheim NYC

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, or just The Guggenheim is a must see when you are in New York, at least if you are two architects traveling together, as we are. Last time we went to the city, we ended up at a locked door as the closing day, at the time, were not monday, as we are used to. Apparently we have som issues with the museum because this time the rotunda was closed, due to the setting up of a new exhibition about Agnes Martin's career.

At least we could get inside and see the rotunda or spiral, if you prefer, from a distance, and of course the Guggenheim Collection. We even got a glimpse of Maurizio Cattelan's golden toilet, even though there was a 1,5 hour waiting line for that.


guggenheim museum skylight in the rotunda

The skylight at the top of the rotunda


guggenheim museum the rotunda

View to the corridors in the rotunda


guggenheim museum wood transportation boxes

Transportation cradles with art for the new exhibition


guggenheim museum green transportation boxes

More boxes with art, waiting to be emptied


guggenheim museum guest at the exhibition

Inside the Guggenheim Collection


guggenheim museum frank wright sign

Sign outside the museum on a concrete  fence


guggenheim museum street facade



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